Real-time insights collection

Designed with girls, TEGA (Technology Enabled Girl Ambassadors) is Girl Effect’s girl-operated digital research tool, that allows girls to collect real-time insights into the lives of their peers. Girls aged 18-24 are empowered and trained using a bespoke mobile app to become Market Research Society (MRS) qualified researchers and Technology Enabled Girl Ambassadors (TEGAs).

TEGAs collect real-time insights into the lives of their peers and within their own communities that are instantly available for analysis - a unique approach that unlocks the open and honest conversations that occur between girls and women that might otherwise be lost or not included when collecting data in traditional ways. They conduct formative research, test content to ensure relevancy with the target audience and conduct monitoring and evaluation. TEGA integrates technology that can operate in places with poor network connection across multiple languages.


Covid 19: Ensuring girls voices are heard

There is a risk that hard-won gains for girls slip backwards as a result of the pandemic. Yet there is a real lack of data and understanding about girls’ experiences of living through the pandemic. Girl Effect has launched Hear Her Voice – a digital diaries research project, giving 25 girls in five countries a platform to report on their experiences of life in lockdown, in their own words.


My friends and my family, first they feel happy that I am TEGA. They take me as a model girl to them. They are proud, my family is proud to have a daughter like me. Aaah! They see me as a girl who promotes changes in their community, especially my friends. They see me as a girl who brought changes or who want to promote changes in my community as girls.

TEGA from Tanzania

TEGA 2.0

Innovation is key to TEGA. Continued innovation ensures that we meet the evolving Evidence needs of Girl Effect to consistently generate the best insights for GE into the lived realities of girls. This enhances TEGA’s sustainability by capitalising on tech innovations to ensure it remains a cutting edge insights tool that aligns and complements Girl Effect’s evolve model. 


One of the ways we’re thinking of this is through remote research, in a world where being able to gain insights from vulnerable girls is even more valuable, TEGA is adapting to the changing environment and investigating how we can gain these insights remotely. Along with this we’re also investing in remote learning to ensure the TEGAs are constantly engaged and upskilled to provide top quality data for Girl Effect and our Partners.


After being a TEGA, I became financially solvent, cause I can spend my income as my wish.

I don't have to ask my parents for money…I am paying my own college fees. I like this very much. So, I think it is a great change in my life.

TEGA from Bangladesh



Towards a digital future for girls in Bangladesh 

TEGAs across the globe

450 trained researchers across seven different geographies in India, Rwanda, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Malawi, Nigeria and the USA

Research projects

Over the past year, we have conducted research for 14 external partners in addition to 18 internal projects for Girl Effect.

Covid-19 Diaries

20 TEGAs in India, Bangladesh, Malawi and the U.S are providing much needed insights into the lives of girls during this time by completing weekly digital diaries.