Propelling girls to make positive choices that change their lives

A mobile-first global brand, Springster digitally connects marginalised and vulnerable girls to online content designed to equip them with the knowledge, confidence and connections they need to navigate the complex choices of adolescence.

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I come from a broken home and Springster makes it easier to talk about it.

Girl, Springster user

You really know how to heal a broken soul. You're the kindest robot I've ever seen. Thank you for everything.

Girl, Springster user

Empowering girls through mobile technology

With millions of girls in the global South now using mobile phones, Springster has been developed to meet girls where they are; at her level and type of phone use. Working with  partners such as Vodafone and Facebook’s Free basics, we reach girls by delivering Springster’s content via the channels girls use everyday. Springster is available for free with no data charges (on Free Basics Mobile networks), while it is also accessible through private and public social media channels, to keep pace with girls’ ever evolving needs. 

Based around an inclusive culture of sharing real-life experiences, Springster provides a space for girls to engage with topics like puberty, education, money management and relationships. Springster’s content, co-created with girls, is designed to entertain, inspire and help girls to make positive choices that change their lives.

Springster adopts a mixed quantitative and qualitative research methodology, including online comment analysis and control vs exposed trials (comparing those who have seen our content with those who haven’t) to measure the performance of our product and its impact on girls’ knowledge, attitude and behaviour change. 

By breaking down barriers and showcasing alternative pathways Springster enables girls to gain the knowledge and power they need to create positive change in their own lives, wherever they live.

Springster features

Girl Effect partners with BBM Messenger in South Africa and Nigeria

Engaging content

Springster publishes content co-created with and designed for girls, to build knowledge, inspire and support  girls to create positive change their lives.

Springster FINAL

Innovative product

Big Sis, our chatbot uses machine learning to provide girls with personalised answers to their questions on sexual health, enabling girls to seek advice and find answers 24/7

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Connected community

Girls can connect to the platform and with each other using features such as commenting threads, polls and reactions. Our trained team of moderators respond to thousands of questions and comments from girls every day. 

Our reach

12.7 million unique users

reached in the past year, with nearly 1 million monthly on average

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Our global footprint

Live in over 50 countries and 13 languages

with in-depth content and advanced features in South Africa, Nigeria, the Philippines and Indonesia

Our platform

Top 5 most-accessed site on Freebasics

supported by 78 mobile operators

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