An unstoppable girl-led movement in Rwanda

Developed by girls for all young people, Ni Nyampinga is Rwanda’s first youth brand giving girls the advice and confidence they need to thrive.

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Winning my village election reinforced my self-esteem and passion to be a voice for girl

Ntakiyimana Mbabazi Odile, Ni Nyampinga journalist
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Ni Nyampinga has taught me that I can do anything a boy can do

Schoolgirl, Rwanda

Created by girls, for all young people

Although Rwandan girls are valued by their families and communities, their paths to adulthood are often predetermined: she is a daughter in the home of her parents one day; a wife in the home of her husband the next.

Meaning ‘beautiful girl inside and out who makes wise decisions’ in Rwanda’s language Kinyarwanda, the purpose of Ni Nyampinga is to give adolescent girls in Rwanda the information and inspiration to fulfil their potential.

The multi-platform youth brand is made up of a magazine, radio drama and talk show, a network of clubs and digital platforms, made by girls for girls. Six Rwandan girl journalists create all the content, while four researchers piece together insights on the lives of girls in Rwanda. Four times a year, 30 girl ambassadors distribute the magazine across the country.

But Ni Nyampinga speaks to everyone – not just girls – to challenge the perceptions and behaviours that hold girls back. In this way, Ni Nyampinga has sparked a national discussion about what girls can achieve.

Ni Nyampinga is truly a nation-wide movement with 8-in-10 of all Rwandans aware of it and half of all people over age 10 having read or listened to it in the past year.

What we make

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Written by girls, it showcases role models, advice and inspirational stories.

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Radio Show

Sharing inspirational stories with a larger audience, including all young people and adults.

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Radio Drama

An exploration of more sensitive issues in a fictional format, also targeting boys.

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Providing a safe haven for learning and discussion, and for friendships to blossom.

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Digital channels

Tapping into Rwanda’s growing digital audience.


SMS and telephone line

Starting conversations with young people through mobile.

Our reach

79% of Rwandans 

– 6.6 million people – are aware of Ni Nyampinga, a 70% increase since 2014

(2017 Audience survey)

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Our audience

Over half of all girls aged 10-19 

have consumed the magazine or radio show, with 95,000 forming clubs

(2017 Audience survey)

Our impact

Girls who regularly read or listen 

to Ni Nyampinga are 67% more likely to have positive attitudes towards gender equality

(2017 Audience survey)

Ni Nyampinga partnerships



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