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Yegna encourages positive behaviour change for girls in Ethiopia by tackling real-life challenges through stories and music.

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Yegna is changing the culture of Ethiopia in a good way.

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Yegna roadshow

It opens the doors to people’s homes and deals with real-life stories.

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Real-life stories that spark change for girls

While Ethiopia is a country on the rise, girls still face serious challenges – from  educational access to early marriage and violence.

Yegna, Girl Effect’s multi-platform youth brand in Ethiopia, tackles these issues through its radio drama and talk show, TV drama, digital channels and music. It inspires behaviour change for girls, boys, their families and communities, by encouraging them to rethink what it means to be a girl in Ethiopia today.

Meaning ‘ours’ in Amharic, Yegna is rooted in Ethiopian culture. It’s built around the insight that one in five Ethiopian girls don’t have any friends, and encourages them to overcome adversity by forging meaningful friendships.

The Yegna cast - five girls and two boys - play characters that represent the lives of millions of Ethiopian teens as they form friendships, strive to find their voice and follow their dreams. Its storylines have been developed with young people, their families and communities across Ethiopia, to ensure that they accurately reflect their realities. 

Yegna is a household name in Ethiopia. The national TV drama reaches an audience of over 10 million people and is broadcast on multiple channels in three languages.

What we make

Yegna Radio drama FINAL

Radio drama

Tackling complex issues through stories developed based on research with girls and their families in communities across Ethiopia.

Yegna roadshow cast

TV drama

Now in its third series, Yegna’s national TV drama has an audience of over 10 million people with a wide range of viewers from teens to adults.

Yegna Radio show FINAL

Talk show

Facilitating conversations around topics that affect adolescent Ethiopian girls, hosted by two radio personalities 

Yegna roadshow


Taking the message of gender equality beyond borders.

Yegna roadshow

Digital channels

Tapping into Ethiopia’s growing digital audience.



'A girl can change Ethiopia'

This is the story of Alemtsehay, an incredible resilient girl who despite immense adversity, finds inspiration in Yegna.


'Part of Ethiopian culture'

Meet Medeset, an inspirational girl who introduces her family to Yegna, and sees the dramatic effect it has on the boys in her household.

Our audience

8.9 million people 

have been reached by Yegna – 48% of the population in the Addis and Amhara region

(2017 Audience survey)

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Creating connections

94% of girl listeners 

sought support from people outside their family

(2015 Audience survey)

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Changing perceptions

95% of boy listeners 

would raise the alarm if they witnessed a young girl being forced into marriage

(2015 Audience survey)

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Breaking down negative attitudes and behaviours that prevent girls accessing life-saving vaccines

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