Real-life stories that help girls navigate their own choices

Yegna encourages positive behaviour change for girls in Ethiopia by tackling real-life challenges through a TV drama, digital channels, music, and club networks. 

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I used to be shy and quiet but watching Yegna has given me confidence to talk about things that matter to me.

Girl, Ethiopia
Yegna roadshow

It inspired me to talk to my friends about why we shouldn’t miss the HPV vaccine because it can save our lives.

Beza, 14, Ethiopia

Captivating an audience of 9.8 million people nationwide, Yegna uses storytelling to address issues from violence and early marriage to coping with Covid-19 and accessing health services.

Yegna is now a household name with nationwide reach after launching Ethiopia’s first TV drama for teenagers, reaching both urban and rural communities. The Yegna cast - five girls and two boys - play characters that reflect the lives of millions of Ethiopian teens; forming meaningful friendships and helping each other to find their voice and navigate the challenges of growing up.

Meaning ‘ours’ in Amharic, Yegna is rooted in Ethiopian culture, and was created after listening to the challenges faced by thousands of Ethiopian girls in their everyday lives. Since 2013, Yegna has become a youth brand that audiences love, and are proud to call ‘authentically Ethiopian.’

What we make

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TV drama

Broadcast on 3 national TV channels, 90% of viewers watch weekly or fortnightly. 78% of show viewers have learned something new. 

Yegna roadshow cast


Reinforcing messages within the TV drama in a memorable way.

Yegna Radio drama FINAL


Informative, educational and entertaining content.

Yegna roadshow

Digital & Social Media

Tapping into Ethiopia’s growing digital audience through social media. Yegna's Youtube channel has 152,000 subscribers and over 18 million views. 

Yegna roadshow

Mini-media clubs

Young people create dramas, poems, and music inspired by Yegna content. 

Yegna films - Medeset

Viewing and discussion clubs

Ensuring our weekly TV series reaches rural communities. The clubs are across 22 rural schools in Amhara and Oromia.

Our impact


'A girl can change Ethiopia'

This is the story of Alemtsehay, an incredible resilient girl who despite immense adversity, finds inspiration in Yegna.

Expanding horizons

9.8 million people

reported learning something new about topics covered in the show 

TV Impact Evaluation Study, 2020


44% of Ethiopian girls aged 13-15

have watched the Yegna TV drama


Viewers are 2 x more likely

to be aware of the HPV vaccine, than non-consumers

30% more likely to understand key facts

TV Impact Evaluation Study, 2020


'Part of Ethiopian culture'

Meet Medeset, an inspirational girl who introduces her family to Yegna, and sees the dramatic effect it has on the boys in her household.

Yegna partnerships



Breaking down negative attitudes and behaviours that prevent girls accessing life-saving vaccines

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Tackling the barriers girls face in completing secondary education

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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Using authentic insight to help girls access modern contraception

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