Ethiopia is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, but prevailing social attitudes exclude girls almost entirely from these economic opportunities. 

Despite new infrastructure and aid programmes to enable girls’ progression, prevailing social norms and attitudes mean that many do not complete school and marry too early, while also facing gender-based discrimination and violence. If the 10 million girls aged 10-19 in Ethiopia were given the chance to succeed, the whole country would benefit.

Little educational access

20% of girls

aged 15-24 have no education, while 35% cannot read

(Ethiopia DHS 2016)

Social isolation

21% of girls

have no friends, rising to 40% in migrant girls, which is reinforced by workloads

(Erulkar, Ethiopia Young Adult Survey, 2010)

Acceptance of violence

60% of girls

aged 15-19 believe beatings by their husband can be justified

(Ethiopia DHS 2016)

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